Anoka County Geologic Atlis

In 2009 the LRRWMO provided partial funding to a multi-agency geologic atlas project. A county geologic atlas is a map-based report of groundwater and geology to be used for community planning and groundwater management. It is created by compiling boring records from 20,000+ water wells. The atlas provides detailed information about groundwater, including:

• aquifers, including identifying future water sources,
• aquifer sustainability,
• recharge areas,
• sensitivity to pollution,
• flow directions,
• connections to lakes, streams, and wetlands,
• chemistry,
• well head protection, and others.

Anoka County is the only twin cities metro county without a geologic atlas. This project is a cooperative effort of state and local agencies. 94% of funding is from the Legislative-Citizen Commission of Minnesota Resources (LCCMR). The Anoka Conservation District and all seven Anoka County Water Management Organizations are providing the other funding. The geologic atlas will be completed around 2013 or 2014.