Cost Share Grants

The LRRWMO offers small cost share grants to landowners for projects that will correct erosion problems, filter runoff to waterbodies, or restore native vegetation adjacent to a stream or river in the LRRWMO jurisdictional area. Typical projects include:

  •  lakeshore restorations with native vegetation,
  •  lakeshore erosion correction,
  •  streambank erosion correction, and
  •  rain gardens.

In order to receive these funds, the project must result in public benefits by improving water quality in area lakes and streams.

Staff at the Anoka Conservation District (ACD) offer assistance designing these types of projects for a small fee. Design assistance offered includes choosing appropriate techniques, materials, plants, as well as providing a detailed plan with cost estimate. ACD staff can provide guidance throughout the project.

Grant applications are accepted at any time through the Anoka Conservation District’s (ACD) water quality cost share program. For more information, including policies and the application, go to ACD’s website.

In addition to administering this grant program, the ACD also serves as a clearinghouse for information about other conservation grants to landowners. These include a broad range of programs for wildlife habitat and water quality. ACD staff can help you determine which program is best for you. For more information, contact Jamie Schurbon at the Anoka Conservation District at 763-434-2030 extension 12. Help designing your project is available.

The cost share grants can cover 50%-70% of the cost of project materials, with the landowner contributing the remainder, either by cash, in-kind contributions, or another funding source. Grants do not cover labor. These grants are administered through the Anoka Conservation Districts (ACD) water quality cost share program, and are subject to the program’s policies and application process. For more information go to ACD’s website.

For more information contact:

Jamie Schurbon
Water Resource Specialist
Anoka Conservation District
763/434-2030 extension 120

The ACD also serves as a clearinghouse for information about other grants available for water quality and wildlife projects. More information can be found by accessing the ACD website.